12 November 2011

So much to catch up on!

 I have so much to catch up on! Got a new job about a month ago, and things have been real crazy, but I am still working hard to make tiaras in time for the holiday season. I just made 5 new ones in the last 3 days.
 This is my silver "Bandit Queen" tiara. It is as if the Bandit Queen herself found and stole all these little trinkets, and then because she wanted to show them off, she made a crown out of them. It is a beautiful piece, and I've attached a comb for easy wearing.
 Allison the Bandit Queen!
 The Wire Mesh Medieval Tiara. It looks a bit Medieval in design to me, though. I am not sure. But it is very light weight, and quite regal!
 This is my Steamflower Gold Tiara. That cool wire mesh again, with handmade metal flowers attached, all spray painted gold. Pretty, lightweight, and not too over imposing.
 Easy to wear with an attached, handmade comb!
 I call this my Green Fire Tiara. I couldn't think of a better name, honestly. This is an experiment in design, with its bold shapes and colors. I think it works. Could go perfectly with that mermaid costume or something.

 This one is quite nice, I call it the Lady Liberty Tiara, since it seems to look so similar to the statue of liberty's tiara!
 Made of dyed stone beads, silver plated turquoise wire, and acrylic green rhinestones. The green lover's dream!
 This one sold rather quickly, but this was my Siren Queen tiara. As if a mermaid rose out of the sea and these bits and pieces of shells and seaweed stuck in her golden flowing hair.
 My Rainbow Raver Tiara! All bright colors and fun, this tiara was an experiment in trying to use these mother of pearl charms and beads in a design. I think the end result is quite quirky.
 The rainbow discs seem to float around your head!
 My most awesome tiara, The Queen of Hearts tiara! I looooooooooove this tiara sooo much, I couldn't decide if I wanted to sell it or not, but then realized I wasn't going to wear it myself for any occasion, so I should sell it. Epoxy hearts that I painted red, then attached to wire tendrils. So magical and beautiful, and so Alice in Wonderland!
 A small, petite comb for those that don't want quite all the bling and flash of a larger piece.
 In delicate springtime greens and blues, a vintage rhinestone earclip is the centerpiece is this small tiara-comb.
My Steampunk Tiara Comb, which is designed like a type of tiara called an Aigrette. Real bullets and shell casings that I've drilled holes into, and fashioned in a sunray design around the central large watch face. An attached comb on it for easy wear. Quite a heavy piece, but pretty cool when worn!

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