06 May 2013

More Ice Queens and other stuff

Another Ice Queen tiara, this one very similar to the last one. The spikes are closer together, and there are no colorless clear flower beads. This is for the same lady who bought the other tiara. She wasn't quite happy with the design, but still liked the tiara, so she awesomely purchased both!

Both tiaras sit side by side.

The newer design sits in front of the previous tiara. The spikes are also a little bit shorter on the newer one, but not by much. Beautiful sparkling crystal beads dot each spike. It reminds me of those grand crystal chandeliers.

Yes, it's a little invisible in the foliage, but the weather has been freaking amazing in Seattle lately, so had to get outside!

I call this one my "Marie Antoinette Tiara." It reminds me so much of the super grandiose, gold-guilded Louis XVI era. Faux pearls line the tiara base.

The color's sorta off in this photo, but you can see that it's large, and pretty. I think the pearls make it look classy.

Lady Liberty Tiara. This is an old tiara, and a returning Etsy customer told me that although she really liked the design, she wasn't digging the previously blue base of the tiara. I don't always get it right, this tiara has quite a lot of views on it, but no one wanted to purchase it, so maybe this is the reason! I'll see if she likes it and wants to purchase it, but otherwise, it'll be interesting to see if it gets sold now. Every once in awhile, I'll go and unlist tiaras and change something about them, and more often than not, I'll notice that those tiaras then go and almost immediately sell.

The base now blends in better with the color of the round stone beads. The lizard of guilt looks on.

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