17 May 2013

Tiaras for Empresses Only!

This is the grandest of all Ice Queen tiaras! This one is completely encrusted in faceted glass beads and glass seed beads. It took me ages, but It is sparkling and beautiful. I added a small amount of glitter to the bare metal in spots, just so it wasn't so stark gold.

The front of the band is wrapped in tiny glass clear aurora seed beads. This is the third in a long custom order. The first two were the other ice queen tiaras, and were styled more like spike tiaras. This one is more reminiscent of frosty branches.

Queen Regent Crown. This is one of the grandest tiaras I have ever made! It is beautifully detailed, and features large cut glass jonquil colored glass beads. Faux pearls adorn the tiara also.

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