06 May 2013

Remember the Borg...

 Remember the Borg Queen tiara I made some time ago? Well, a side project I've been working on for a while now is a Borg Fairy doll. I found a Barbie for cheap at a Value Village, and completely changed her. She is now the super coolest, geekiest Barbie that ever there was!

Seven of Nine/Borg Queen inspired tiara.

My completed Borg Fairy. The story is that she was just a happy little fairy, flying all around with all her cute fairy friends, and all of a sudden, the Borg invaded their land, using dirigibles to penetrate into the fairies' treetop homes. Only a few fairies managed to escape, but to where we don't know. Our sweet Hyacinthia, as she was known in the fairy realm, was one of the first to fall to the borg. She is now known as Hycutus, or One of Eight. Her delicate little fairy wings, once so agile and useful, now serve no purpose to her, and they have fallen into disrepair.

I used acrylic paint to paint over a layer of masking tape and wire, in order to get texture. Her hair is gathered up and wrapped in wire, then heavily coated in paint. The wires are painted with an opalescent blue to bring out their detail.

A Seven of Nine eyepiece is present on her, as are some gems that she wore as a fairy.

This is a fairy you won't want to run into anytime soon.

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