04 May 2013

These tiaras are already gone...

 These tiaras are already spoken for, and I post them here to show more of my work...

A custom Ice Queen tiara. The spikes emulate icicles, and are adorned in crystals and snowflake-like acrylic flowers. The buyer has told me it's to go with an Ice Queen ballet costume.

The spikes are super-sturdy, and are sparkling and beautiful. I even had the perfect gold and crystal and earrings to match for the photo!

This tiara was inspired by my friend Bethann, who runs Etsy shop The Silly Sperm Shop. We go to college together, and she drew the cutest Frida Kahlo picture where Frida is wearing this lovely heart tiara. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to make the tiara, and I feel like I mostly captured it.

I gave to Bethann as a gift, and she loved it!

Another silver trinket tiara! I am so proud of this one! I love the design, and the hot air balloon charm in the middle is something my grandma sent me for crafting purposes. This tiara was just purchased by the Peacock Lady, who gave me all those peacock feathers mentioned in the previous post!

Beautiful silver tiara, very large, but not too shocking.

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