08 September 2015

And the rest!

Regal Tiara

These are the final two designs I have completed this summer. I've been neglecting my favorite thing all year because of my job: making art. So, I'm back, and hopefully I can try to update more often and make designs more frequently. The only thing that makes me happier than art are animals.

This tiara is another I made from a necklace I never wore. The necklace was an attractive enough design, but I knew it would look better as a spike style tiara. I attached the necklace to a tiara frame, added a row of purple rhinestones, and wired in a metallic gold pipe cleaner for reinforcement.

Reine d'Argent Tiara

I actually made this tiara a while ago, but couldn't decided if I wanted to list it, then it got put into the back of my mind. As always, an elfin-inspired design, the tiara is very attractive when worn.

Onyx Crystal Tiara

Finally, I wanted to try out petite tiara designs using metal combs and crystals. This is just a start, but it's very simple and elegant, and adds a subtle touch of sparkle to your hair.

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