04 September 2015

Polymer Clay Tiaras

Aquamarine Blue Tiara

I've seen people do some really neat stuff with polymer clay. I don't have a lot of experience with the medium, but I have been using it more. What I love to do is use glass marble cabochons as gems in jewelry. They are inexpensive, but they are very striking in jewels. In the past, I have handcrafted bezel settings out of paper, which was time consuming but does look good. Recently, I've been using polymer clay, and the end result is just as good, and much less labor involved!

Basically, I make all the clay bezel settings and bake them in the oven with the marbles attached. I then wire all the pieces onto a tiara frame, spray paint the entire thing either gold or silver, and then glue the glass cabochons into the frame.

Here are three tiara designs I came up with.

Blue Elfin Tiara

Emerald Cabochon Tiara

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