06 September 2015

Make-Your-Own Tiara Kits

I've had the idea for a while to sell DIY tiara kits, it just took me a while to figure out the logistics of it. I finally found an online supplier of wire tiara combs, and I've decided to use foam for the tiaras. The marketed age group for these tiaras is 5-10 years old.

Each Kit makes 5 tiaras, and includes the following:

Purchase your own Make-Your-Own Tiara Kits

Each kit has 5 bags, with each bag containing:

• 1 hair comb (w/added wire fittings for the foam tiara to fit into)
• 1 piece of foam (choose from pink, yellow, or a mix of pink and yellow)
• 4 stick-on foam glitter stars
• 3 silver star sequins
• 4 round rhinestones
• 1 heart rhinestone
• 1 strip sequins
• 1 stick-on silver Ferido rhinestone
• 2 strips stick-on rhinestones
• 4 sparkly beads

• 1 package of gold glitter is also included with each kit

All you need is:

• Scissors
• Glue (hot glue or school glue will work; you'll just have to wait for the school glue to dry if you choose this option)



1. Fold your rectangle of foam in half "hamburger style."

2. Draw out half of your tiara design, making sure that the tall part of the design is on the crease line.

3. Carefully cut out the pattern drawn and unfold the foam.

4. Decorate your tiara - half of the items are self-stick, the other half will need to be glued down.

5. Now to attach the tiara to the comb.

Simply fit the ends of the tiara in between the two wire loops on each side of the comb. Gently pinch the loops together to secure the tiara. You could even add some glue to the backside of the loop and tiara at this point so that the tiara does not comb off the comb.

Secure the tiara to both sides of the comb.

6. You have your own custom made tiara. Congratulations!

Different examples of tiaras that can be made from each bag of tiara goodies. I have included more goodies in each bag than will probably be used on each tiara, but it will allow for more variation and choice in design.

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