05 September 2015

Woodland Tiaras

Juniper Tiara

Woodland tiaras are always in style, and they are usually simple enough that you can wear them anywhere. Here are some of my new woodland tiara styles.

Ocean Flora Tiara

This one is more of a mermaid tiara than a woodland tiara. The sparkling green and the bright turquoise sequins make it a bit more flashy. It has a very attractive asymmetrical shape to it.

Frosty Woodland Tiara

A simple frosty leaf tiara.

Woodland Winter Faun Tiara

My first woodland faun tiara. I made horns out of glittery white polymer clay, and interspersed frosty winter branches on the tiara. Also asymmetrical in design.

Woodland Queen Tiara

This is more of an elfin queen tiara, with upright glittery velvet leaves and sparkling gold berries.

Bird's Nest Tiara

And this is a super adorable tiara! I've been wanting to use the golden bird for a long time, but couldn't come up with a design for it. For this tiara, I made a nest out of glittery brown twigs and leaves, and juniper branches. I suppose it's really more of a hat or fascinator than a tiara.

Also, you may notice that my portraits look better than they usually do. This is because I employed my husband to take my pics, no selfie shots this round!

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