06 September 2015

Ruby Red Tiaras

 Red seems to be a hot seller, I think mostly because of Alice in Wonderland's two red queens, The Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, and the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass. Red is also just a great happy color!

Red Rhinestone Diadem

Not only to I make jewelry, I also love to buy jewelry. On one such visit to a department store, I stumbled across a clearance jewelry section, and found this awesome red rhinestone necklace. I wore it several times, but it was just screaming "tiara" at me, so I finally put my plan into action. I took the necklace apart, which was made up of various rhinestone pendants, and put them back together into a graduated tiara shape. The final tiara looks a lot like the Russian kokoshnik form popular at the turn of the century. To finish off the piece, I added rows of red rhinestones to the top and bottom of the tiara frame.

Ruby Elf Tiara

I found a great sale recently at my favorite supply store, with items up to 90% off. That meant a score for me, since I don't have to worry about breaking the bank on supplies I don't have immediate plans for. One of the items I found was a sparkling red oak leaf sort of craft sprig. I used this as the basis for the tiara, and added red rhinestone beads to the piece. This piece really could be worn anywhere, it's not too large and adds some sparkle into a dreary day.

Red Queen Diadem

This tiara was an experiment of sorts. I tried to make a tall crown shape using glittery red craft twigs. Each one is in a vague heart shape, referencing the Queen of Hearts. I used some black netting behind the twigs to add some mystery and glamor, and a row of black rhinestones is at the base of the tiara.

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