07 September 2015

Wedding Tiaras

 I like the theme of wedding tiaras because the designs can be so elegant. I don't ever approach a tiara design with the thought in mind that it is meant for a bride. Rather, I think up designs, make it, and if it looks like a bridal tiara, then I market it as that. Simple. That reminds me of Maurice Sendak's interview with Stephen Colbert, where he said that he wrote and illustrated books, and then people told him, "that's for kids," and he was like, "ok!"

I just want to create what makes me happy.

Royal Princess Bridal Tiara

The Royal Princess Bridal Tiara is based from a beautiful vintage necklace that is covered with aurora borealis pale yellow rhinestones. I bought the necklace with a tiara in mind, so I never actually wore it. The trick was how to attach it to a tiara frame. I added pearls to the design, and the final result is so elegant and beautiful, it seems like a perfect bridal tiara.

Pearl and Rose Bandeau

I made this design after finding at a thrift store some creamy-colored ribbon that had little roses sewn onto it. I kept having it in mind as a design for a tiara, and couldn't come up with anything for awhile. I then realized I could make a bandeau or headband style of tiara, and use the ribbon. I added rows of pearls on either side of the ribbon. A very simple headband, but also very elegant.

Silver Pony Cake Hat
This final piece is a work of art! I've been working on the Silver Pony Cake Hat for over a month now. I love My Little Ponies and things spray painted gold or silver, so it is a match made in heaven. I handmade the top hat form out of cardboard, then started attaching My Little Ponies, knock-off My Little Ponies, random costume jewelry, and other findings for variety and texture. The entire thing is spray painted silver and I attached a comb to the bottom so that it stays in your hair. A heavy piece, not to be taken lightly!

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